Join Catchment Sensitive Farming, Farmers of River Wylye and Nadder, and IfA at this FREE event 

Monday 18th Nov. 10:00am – 15:30pm at The Thatched Barn, Boyton (BA12 0SS). 

Followed by a farm walk and field demonstration by permission of James Griffin -Bapton Manor Farm (BA12 0SB). . 

Topics will include: 

 How farming practices take out CO2 from the atmosphere to store it in the first layers of soil. 

 Understanding the cycle for carbon, nitrogen, and other elements in the soil 

 The importance and opportunity for sequestering carbon back into soil and crop yields 

 Understanding physical, chemical, and biological properties soil, and increased retention of water and nutrients, resulting in greater farm productivity 

 The role that Farmers play in CO2 capture and maintaining and increasing soil organic carbon 

Lunch will be provided at Ginnys Café, Boyton (next to the Thatch Barn) 

- BASIS points may be available 

To book your free place please contact: 

Helen Pengelly (07709 253250 - 

Tracy Adams (01725 517417 • 07964 902988 - 

Rohan Smith CSFO (07785 44 2434 or email