The SmartAgriHubs project presents the Ireland and UK Regional Cluster Tour....
Kicking off with IfA's Evi Arachoviti giving an overview of the latest innovations, achievements and challenges within the region, the webinar will follow with a session from Harald Sunmaeker on the upcoming open calls within the Smart Agri Hubs Projects.  The session will also include a discussion with NIVA, AgROBOFood and ATLAS on pilots & innovation experiments that are underway within current EU Projects.
FAIRShare will present on how digital advisory tools and services can be better utilised by the European farm advisory community, in particular in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
To conclude the webinar, attendees will hear from both 'AgriEpi', a Digital
Innovation Hub in the UK; and the Knowledge Transfer Network, 'Innovate UK' who will present on potential funding opportunities in the Agri-Food sector.