A 'DISARM' workshop to discuss how findings from EU-funded projects, especially Thematic Networks, can more effectively influence livestock farmers

Taking the form of an interactive workshop, representatives from Thematic Networks (TNs) and other EU projects focused on livestock production will have the opportunity to introduce their projects, and share examples of key tools for improving animal health and welfare.

We will explore how these tools and knowledge gathered by TNs and other projects can more effectively influence end-users at the farm-level. Informed by outputs from the EURAKNOS project, we will consider:

  • The multi-actor approach
  • Assessing end-user needs for user-friendly knowledge and engagement
  • Increasing impact and sustainability
  • A common digital platform to store outputs from various projects in one place

Together we will discuss the current policies and available systems, and construct some recommendations for improvement.

9th Septemer 2020 | 13:00 - 14:30 

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