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Are your potatoes getting enough calcium?

24 May 2016

By Jez WardmanCalcium is a vital ingredient for high quality potatoes, it helps to increase the strength of the cell walls and so maintains tuber quality by reducing the incidence of storage rots and internal disorders as well as promoting...

How to improve weed control and help paddocks recover quicker

24 May 2016

By Jez WardmanWhen getting the sprayer out to control grassland weeds there is the opportunity to add a foliar feed to the tank to give paddocks a boost and help them recover more quickly. Weed infestation of paddocks and pastures often...

Increase your oilseed yields with late foliar urea

24 May 2016

By Natalie WoodWith oilseed across the country either close to or already flowering it is important to ensure you keep the canopy greener for longer. This maintains an efficient green leaf and pod canopy to sustain photosynthesis and produce carbohydrates...

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